Hi Guys!

I'm Luuk, part of 2FeelChange!

Here is some information about myself,

I'm a 18 years old boy from the Netherlands with a passion for fitness, I started fitness because i felt a little small and uncomfortable with my body.

In the beginning I trained at home with a few weights and doing some bodyweight exercises.

At the age of 15 I started at the gym.

The first year was a little strange, after that year I took it more seriously.

I’m training for 7 months now together with my bro Jessy.

We take many steps together, and learn a lot from each other.

I hope we can help you with our experience and knowledge!

What’s up guys!

My name is Jessy and I’m a part of 2FeelChange.

Turned 19 almost two months ago and am a boy from The Netherlands!

I started fitness at home in my attic two years ago, bought some dumbells and started lifting!

I felt small and thought it was time for some change.

After experimenting a lot with different ways of training and above all enjoying the sport it became a new passion of mine.

Training at a local gym for 7 months right now and loving every moment I’m in the gym training with my bro Luuk!